Guy F. de Téramond Peralta

Ph. D. in Theoretical Physics, University of Paris-Orsay (1977)

Guggenheim Fellow (1986)
Fulbright Research Award (1983)
Leonid Medallion (1997)

Professor of Physics at the University of Costa Rica (UCR). Has carried out his research in Nuclear and High Energy Physics at the University of Paris-Orsay, 1975-77, at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, 1979 and 1986-88, at the Lyman Laboratory of Physics, Harvard University, 1983, at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, 2007 and at UCR. Director of the Computer Center at UCR, 1997-2000. President of the National Research Network CRNet, 1993-2000. Minister of Science and Technology, 2000-02. 

Research focused on the properties of the nuclear forces, in high energy proton collisions and spin physics, and the origin of chirality and group structure of grand unified theories. In a joint collaboration with scientists of the Universities of Lausanne, Munich and Zurich, confirmation of the charge symmetry breaking of the nuclear forces was found in 1980. In collaboration with S.J. Brodsky (Stanford) and I. Schmidt (Valparaíso), the properties of a new form of nuclear matter catalyzed by heavy quarks are studied in 1990 and are actually subject of experimental search at JLab (ATHENNA Collaboration). Present research in collaboration with S. J. Brodsky and H. G. Dosch (Heidelberg) focused on the strongly coupled regime of QCD using light-front holography and superconformal quantum mechanics.

Responsible for the project of interconnection of Costa Rica to Bitnet, 1990, and the interconnection to the Internet, 1993. Also responsible for the creation of CRNet, a network which linked all major academic and research institutions in Costa Rica during the past decade. Has participated in the interconnection to the internet of Nicaragua, 1994, Panama, 1994, Jamaica, 1995, Honduras, 1995, and Guatemala's Mayanet, 1995, under the Organization of American States (OAS) RedHUCyT Project. From the Ministry of Science and Technology participated in the design and implementation of the Advanced Internet Project, to bring broadband connectivity across Costa Rica. 

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